About Us. 

GADTECH Pty Ltd has a long history of Earthmoving in the Family. Starting as Jacobson's Earthmoving in the 1960's sinking dams for local farmers, we have been involved in many large earthmoving and forestry projects throughout Tasmania now for 3 Generations.


GADTECH Pty Ltd the name, is made up of 5 initials of the family members currently involved in the business. Gaye, David, Thomas, Edward and Charles.

Company Profile.



Our goal for every earthmoving and forestry project in which we engage is excellence. Excellence in quality, safety and environmental outcomes as well as delivering all earthmoving and forestry projects on or ahead of the expected time of completion. 


As a medium Tasmanian family owned company we are commited to inovation and developing strategies and equipment to increase productivity and safety. 


We provide earthmoving and forestry services to a wide range of clients from Government and Multi Nationals to local farmers and home owners. 


Our operators take great pride in the part they play in delivering quality completed projects and are not only highly experienced and good at what they do, they take ownership of our projects and in ensuring excellent outcomes for our clients. 


Our fleet of equipment is maintained in top condition at our own workshop facilities with all of our operators trained to maintain the equipement they operate. 


GADTECH Pty Ltd places great importance upon keeping our staff and the people we encounter safe. With experience complying with federal safety commission standards, we understand what it takes to provide a safe workplace.